6 cafes you’ll want to visit while walking around Ine Town

Ine Town has 230 Funaya long the cove. Ine Town is the only place in Japan where you can see such a large group of Funaya. Many tourists come to see the nostalgic scenery.

There are also stylish cafes in Ine, so how about taking a break while enjoying drinks and sweets while walking around? There are many cafes where you can have a cup of tea while looking at the sea, so you can enjoy a relaxing time.

Here we’ll introduce 6 recommended cafes in Ine. If you are planning a trip to Ine Town, please use this as a reference!

Recommended cafes in Ine Town

There are various types of cafes in Ine Town, such as cafes where you can have a cup of tea while looking at the Funaya, and cafe spaces built in the Funaya. It is also recommended to forget your daily life and spend a quiet time while slowly looking at the sea. There is also a cafe where you can enjoy exquisite handmade sweets made with ingredients from Ine, so be sure to stop by while strolling.

INE CAFÉ(Located inside Funaya Biyori)

“INE CAFE” is located by the sea in “Funaya Biyori”, Ine town tourist exchange facility that is easy to stop by during a walk or sightseeing. A cafe where you can enjoy handmade sweets and drinks made with ingredients from Ine while gazing at the scenery of Ine Bay. The best time to visit is when you can see the afterglow after you watch the sunset. The interior uses blue tiles and fabrics that are inspired by the sunset. How about enjoying a cup of tea while gazing out at the scenery of Ine Bay, whose color changes with the passage of time?

The menu includes cheesecake made with eggs from Ine Town, gateau chocolate, homemade honey lemonade, and seasonal sweets. Coffee and tea can be made into a cake set for an additional 300 yen, so be sure to try the sweets as well.

By the way, at Funaya Biyori(舟屋日和), there is also a restaurant called “Umimiya”(海宮) where you can taste fresh local fish and local sake. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy fresh seafood, as they serve seafood caught on the same day. It is also open during lunch hours, so why not stop by for lunch before going to INE CAFÉ?

  • Address:593-1, Hirata, Ine, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-1720
  • Hours:Weekdays 11:00-17:00 (L.O.16:30) | Weekends/Holidays 11:00-17:00(L.O.16:30)
  • Closed:Wednesday
  • Parking lot:Please use the Shichimenzan parking lot (charged), which is a 3 min. walk
  • Official HP:http://funayabiyori.com/food/#cafe

CAFE &BB guri

“CAFE&BB guri” is an accommodation limited to one group per day on the 2nd floor, and a cafe & shop on the 1st floor. The name guri means “fish reef”, and it aims to be a place where travelers and locals can gather like the fish that gather at the reef. You can use the café even if you are not staying at the hotel, so why not stop by to enjoy drinks and sweets?

A total of 18 seats where you can feel the warmth of wood in a renovated old house. You can enjoy carefully brewed coffee and handmade sweets. Photos of sweets such as tarts and parfaits that look beautiful are uploaded regularly on Instagram. Please come and visit with excitement, “What kind of sweets will be available today?”

  • CAFE&BBguri
  • Address:京都府与謝郡伊根町平田127
  • TEL : 0772-45-1534
  • Hours:13:00〜17:00
  • Closed:Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday
  • Access:1 min. walk from bus stop “Ine”
  • Parking Lot:Please use Ineura Park(伊根浦公園) coin parking (charged), which is a min. walk
  • Official HP:https://guri-ine.com

Chinzao (台湾茶専門店 青竃(ちんざお))

Chinzao is a Taiwanese tea leaf specialty store located in the Funaya area of Ine. You can drink Taiwanese tea brewed with tea leaves purchased in Taiwan at Funaya. Enjoy the aroma and taste of Taiwanese tea while gazing at the ocean and spend a luxurious time. Prices vary depending on tea leaves. If you prefer oolong tea or jasmine tea to coffee, why not stop by? You can also purchase tea leaves and if you like it, we recommend buying it as a souvenir to take home.

  • Chinzao (台湾茶専門店 青竃(ちんざお))
  • Address:69 Hirata, Ine, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0037
  • Hours:10:00〜21:00
  • Closed:Irregular days off
  • Official HP:http://www.chinzao.com/about/

Miyabi Ine Boathouse (伊根の舟屋 雅)

There is a café on the first floor of Miyabi Ine Boathousei, an accommodation where you can soak in Okuine Onsen while looking out at the ocean. You can enjoy matcha green tea, mitarashi dango, and other Japanese sweets at this Japanese-style café located in a refurbished Funaya house. You like Japanese sweets? Then you should visit here. You can spend a relaxing time in a comfortable space while looking at the sea from Funaya.

  • Miyabi Ine Boathouse
  • Address:552 Hirata, Ine, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0424
  • TEL:0772-32-0280
  • Hours:9:00〜17:00
  • Closed:Thursday
  • Official HP:https://www.ine-aburaya.com/miyabi/

Funaya Aura

Funaya Aura is an aesthetically designed inn. The 2nd floor is an inn that is limited to one group per day, and on the 1st floor there is a cafe space called Cafe Aura, where you can tour the Funaya. It’s a cafe space built in the Funaya used by fishermen where you can enjoy coffee and baked sweets while visiting the Funaya. You can take a break while enjoying the view from the Funaya, so how about using it during your walk?

However, from 15:00 onwards, it becomes a space exclusively for guests, so business hours are basically until 15:00. If you don’t have a reservation for accommodation, it may be open until 16:00, but if you want to use the cafe, you should visit early.

The guest room on the 2nd floor is a room with a gentle atmosphere that is aesthetically designed. The spacious space has a modern atmosphere that perfectly matches Japanese and Western styles, so you can spend a comfortable time here. If you like using the cafe space, why not try staying next time?

  • Funaya Aura
  • Address:56 Hirata, Ine, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0067
  • Hours:11:00〜15:00
  • Closed:Monday, Thursday(※Irregular holidays during the off-season)
  • Official HP:https://funaya-aura.com

Ine Kobo/Gallery Funaya (伊根工房・ギャラリー舟屋)

Ine Kobo/Gallery Funaya is a gallery that has been renovated from a Funaya to display Ine-yaki plates, cups, dolls, and more. All of the items on display here are the work of the owner. In the cafe space, you can listen to the story of the owner while drinking coffee (500 yen), so it is recommended for those who want to hear more about Ine from the locals. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while appreciating pottery, how about stopping by?

  • Ine Kobo/Gallery Funaya (伊根工房・ギャラリー舟屋)
  • Address:848 Kameshima, Ine, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0424
  • TEL:0772-32-0071
  • Closed:Tuesday

Q&A when using Cafes at Ine

We’ll answer in Q&A format about the things you care about when using cafes at Ine Town.

Q .Do you have a parking lot?

A.Many people come to Ine Town by car, but many cafes in Ine Town do not have parking lots. If you use a cafe that does not have a parking lot, please use the nearest paid parking lot. There are 4 parking lots in Ine Town, but it is convenient to use the Ineura Park parking lot (charged) or the Shichimenzan parking lot (charged) for sightseeing in the Funaya area.

Q .Can I use a credit card?

A.Credit cards are not accepted at many accommodations and shops in Ine, so it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand just in case. There is an ATM inside the Ine Post Office, so please use it when you need it.


We introduced 6 recommended cafes in Ine Town. Ine is a fishing port town, so many people visit for fresh seafood, but there are also many attractive cafes.

The cafes introduced this time are so abundant such as shops with gorgeous sweets, shops with Japanese sweets that warm your heart, and shops where you can enjoy Taiwanese tea. Since it is not something that you can usually experience, such as the cafe space in the Funaya, it can be said that it is a uniqueness you can only enjoy in Ine Town. When you want to take a break after walking around Ine, please take a break at the cafes introduced here.


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