10 Funaya where you can stay in Ine

Ine Town is located in the northeastern part of the Tango Peninsula. The boathouses along Ine Bay are said to have existed since the middle of the Edo period, and there are still about 230 of them, and they are designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

There are funaya houses in Ine where you can actually stay overnight, so if you are planning to spend the night sightseeing in Ine, how about staying at a funaya house? This time, we will introduce the funaya houses in Ine where you can stay.

Funaya Inn with 2 meals per night

Funaya Inns are available only with meals or without meals. If anything, there are many people who stay without meals, and inns that include two meals a day are in the minority. If you want to eat at a funaya inn, stay at an inn that includes meals.

Kagiya Inn at Ine

Kagiya Inn at Ine is a chartered accommodation limited to one group per day, and includes two meals per night. The menu consists of 7 to 8 dishes that include the bounty of Ine and Tango, and you can enjoy seasonal fish caught in Ine Bay. In winter, you can choose from a yellowtail course, a puffer fish course, and a crab course. The rooms on the 2nd floor are completely renovated old-fashioned rooms, so you can spend a comfortable time. The toilet is equipped with a washlet and Wi-Fi.

Another feature is that it provides a memorable experience. You can experience small fishing such as cruising and fishing on a boat. In addition, depending on the weather, there is also a sightseeing service as a marine taxi until check-out. If you stay at Funaya no Yado Kagiya, you will be able to fully enjoy Ine through food and experiences.

  • Address:864 KameshimaIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0424
  • TEL:0772-32-0356
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:30
  • Access:Get off at the bus stop “Ine” (they will pick you up at the bus stop)
  • Parking lot:Available
  • Official HP:https://ine-kagiya.net


WATER FRONT INN 与謝荘 has a total of 8 rooms with a capacity of 24 people, so it is easy to use with a group. All guest rooms are Japanese-style so that you can feel the life of Ine. You can’t choose your room, but you can see the boathouses up close from the seaside room. Ine is a fishing town, so you can enjoy dishes centered on fresh fish. There is no TV, so you can spend a relaxing time.

  • Address:507 HirataIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0278
  • Check in:16:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:Get off at bus stop “Ine”
  • Parking lot:Available
  • Official HP:https://yosasou278.wixsite.com/mysite

Funaya Inn Nagahama

Funaya Inn Nagahama is a one-night, two-board accommodation that is limited to one group per day, but you can also choose a one-night plan with breakfast or a plan without meals. Meals are home-cooked by local mothers using local fish and vegetables. You can enjoy your meal while looking at the sea on the 1st floor.

You can also fish in front of the funaya house, so why not enjoy it leisurely? The owner is very knowledgeable about the history of Ine, so you can hear stories such as the legend of Urashima. It is limited to one group per day and includes two meals, but the price is reasonable, so we recommend it to those who want to enjoy staying at a funaya house while keeping costs down.

  • Address:819-1 KameshimaIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0424
  • TEL:0772-32-0277
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00

Inn where you can choose a one-night stay with breakfast

There are some lodgings where you can choose either a room without meals or a plan that includes breakfast. For those who want to eat breakfast at the inn before checking out, how about staying at an inn where you can choose to stay overnight with breakfast included?

Funaya Inn Aura

Funaya Inn Aura is an inn that is limited to one group per day in a renovated funaya house. You can overlook Ine Bay from the windows of the spacious rooms. The guest rooms are designed with a Japanese atmosphere in mind, and are composed of three colors: blue, dark brown, and white. You can choose from accommodation plans with breakfast or without meals. If you choose a plan with breakfast, you can eat at the counter table on the 1st floor.

The female owner consulted with an architect to create a comfortable space for female guests, so it is especially recommended for female guests.

  • Address:56 HirataIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0067
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:Get off at bus stop “Hirata” or “Ine”
  • Official HP:https://funaya-aura.com

Ine Funaya, Fuga

Ine Funaya, Fuga is an inn that rents out the entire two-story building. You can spend a relaxing time without worrying about your surroundings. It has a natural hot spring, so you can enjoy both the funaya atmosphere and the hot spring. Okuine Onsen has a pH of 8.40 and is good for beautiful skin, so enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Ine Funaya, Fuga is basically a room without meals, but breakfast can be arranged for an additional charge (1,600 yen/person). Recommended for those who want to start walking on the second day after finishing breakfast.

  • Address:546 HirataIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0280(Reception 9:30〜17:00)
  • Check in:15:00〜17:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:3-minute walk from the bus stop “Ine”
  • Official HP:https://www.ine-aburaya.com/miyabi/

Inn without meals

From here, I will introduce you to the inns where you can stay overnight without meals. For meals, use nearby restaurants.

Funaya Doichi

Funaya Doichi is an inn that can be rented as a whole building, limited to one group per day. For up to 3 people, the bedroom is on the 2nd floor, and for 4 or more people, it is divided into a Japanese-style room (futon). Meals are not included, but you can use the kitchen with an IH stove on the 1st floor. No plates are provided, so please bring your own.

You can also take an EV tuk-tuk and take a free walk around the host’s recommended course. You can take a 20-30 minute stroll in the back seat. Advance reservations are required, so if you want to take a walk, make a reservation.

  • Address:82 HirataIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:077-247-9308(8:00〜20:00)
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:Get off at bus stop “Ine”
  • Official HP:https://www.funayadoichi.com

Funaya Inn Kura

Funaya Inn Kura is a refurbished boathouse used by fishermen and is limited to one group per day. The dining room is on the first floor, and the rooms are on the second floor. Both rooms on the second floor can be used, so it is recommended for group trips.

The Shigaraki ware bath has a view of Ine Bay outside the window. If you open the window, you can enjoy the feeling of an open-air bath while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. Basically, it is a year-round plan without meals, but only in winter you can choose a plan with dishes such as “Ine yellowtail course” and “live crab course”.

  • Address:863-1 KameshimaIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0424
  • TEL:0772-32-0815
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:8 minutes on foot from the bus stop “Ine Post Office”
  • Parking lot:Available
  • Official HP:http://www.ine-kura.com

Funaya Inn Maruichi

Funaya Inn Maruichi, which is a renovated funaya house, is an inn limited to one group per day that retains a traditional atmosphere while also giving you a sense of newness. The rooms are equipped with Japanese-style tatami beds, lighting fixtures, and accessories that match the traditional Funaya style, creating a clean and comfortable space.

It is a beautiful location where the sea of ​​Ine spreads outside the large windows. There is also a space where you can relax while looking at the sea on the first floor, so you can spend a relaxing time.

Fishing boats are also in operation, so you can enjoy everything from fishing experiences to full-scale fishing. If you want to enjoy fishing in Ine, how about staying at Funaya no Yado Maruichi?

  • Address:940 Kamejima, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
  • TEL:0772-32-0608(Reception 8:00〜20:00)
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:10 minutes on foot from the bus stop “Ine Post Office”
  • Parking lot:Available
  • Official HP:https://www.funaya-maruichi.com

Ine Kanjyano Yado Yagi

Ine Kanjyano Yado Yagi is located near the red lighthouse of Kanjagahana and close to Aoshima. In the early morning, you can see the scenery of the fishing boats up close. The view is exceptional even in Ine Bay, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the scenery of the fishing village.

It is a relatively new accommodation facility that opened in July 2020, and is fully equipped with the latest baths and toilets. The beds are made of “Sealy” mattresses selected by the world’s top hotels, and the furniture is made of Karimoku. You can feel the attention to detail in the furnishings, as the hospitality is from a female customer’s point of view. It is recommended for trips to Ine between women.

  • Address:1005 Kameshima, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
  • TEL:0772-32-1122
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:11:00
  • Parking lot:Available

Funaya no Oyado Shio no Kaori

It is a long-established inn where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a funaya in the Japanese-style room. The boathouses on the opposite shore can be seen up close, so it is also recommended for photography. The location is in front of the Ine bus stop, so it will be convenient for those who use the route bus. The price is reasonable, so it’s easy to use, which is a nice point.

  • Address:133 HirataIne, Yoza District, Kyoto 626-0423
  • TEL:0772-32-0004
  • Check in:15:00
  • Check out:10:00
  • Access:Get off at bus stop “Ine”


When you visit Ine for sightseeing, we recommend staying at a funaya house. From the window, you can overlook Ine Bay and spend a peaceful time. Most funaya are lodgings without meals, but there are also lodgings that include meals. Also, there are inns where the owners will help you with various experiences so that you can fully enjoy Ine, so you will be able to make wonderful memories. How about staying at a funaya house on your trip to Ine?


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